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Goliath Tech

Site Web : www.goliathtechpiles.com
Coordonnées : Sophie Côté
Téléphone : 1-855-743-4777 x 2068
Adresse courriel : scote@goliathtechpiles.com

Secteur / industrie : Home Services ; Industry Supplier ; Other

Niveau d’investissement : Franchise fee: 38,000$ total investment: 50,000$ to 100,000$ 


Description d’entreprise :

From design to installation, GoliathTech combines engineering and innovation to guarantee a solid foundation for a wide range of construction projects. Our Franchisees install the GoliathTech screw piles deep beneath the ground freezing level, to solidly support the structure of their clients’ projects: additions, decks, gazebos, sunrooms, manufactured homes and much more. Better quality than traditional concrete pillars, our helical piles are installed easily and quickly with no excavation or cure time, with a small to medium sized machine (mini-excavator, skid steer, backhoe). Because helical piles are less expensive than concrete solutions, partnering with GoliathTech is a smart business investment!